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Gen. 48

7/31/10 Sometime later Joseph heard that Jacob was sick so he came to him with his two sons. We don’t know how old they were, but still young enough to sit on is knees (v. 12). These two sons of Joseph Jacob claimed as his own, installing them as part of the 12 tribes of Israel.

After bowing before his father Joseph brought the boys to him for his blessing. He brought Manasseh to his right hand and Ephraim to his left, but Jacob crossed his hands so that Ephraim received the right hand. Joseph was displeased by this and tried to switch his father’s hands since Manasseh was the firstborn, but Jacob knew what he was doing. He prophesied that the younger would be greater than the older in the future, which indeed came true later in Israel’s history.

Then Jacob gave Joseph an extra portion of the land he owned in Shechem, not that Joseph would ever see it. But he gave it to him and Joseph was buried there 400 years later.

Jacob also mentions taking the land from the Amorites. This is the only reference to this escapade. Some think this was a prophecy about Israel and the Amorites later, but it makes more sense that Jacob really did this. After he purchased the land he lived there until his sons massacred the Shechemites. Jacob then moved to avoid any repercussions. It seems that even though the Amorites were afraid to attack Jacob they still took his land when he left. When returned he had to take the land back by force.

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Gen. 15

6/24/10 This chapter is deep with allusion and clues about all sorts of things. After Abram had conquered the five kings, God came and siad, “Don’t be afraid.” Afraid of what? Perhaps he was fearing the future because he had no heir, which was pretty important in those days. That’s what the discussion that follows is about. “Do not fear, I am a shield to you; and your reward shall be very great.” What a promise! The more faithful we are to God the more he is able to make the same promise to us.

Abram couldn’t understand why God was waiting so long to fulfill his promise of an heir. How else could God make a great nation of him? But God assured Abram that he would have an heir from his own body. And Abram believed God and God counted that to him as righteousness.

God could have easily told Abram when this would happen, but obviously God withheld that information purposely. The only reason for that can be that God was using these circumstances to increase Abram’s faith. His faith was already strong. After all he picked up and moved away from home without knowing where he was going. His faith was strong, but God was taking him to a new level, just as he did later when he asked Abram to sacrifice Isaac. God never says that our faith is finally strong enough. We must constantly increase it through trials.

God didn’t tell Abram how he would fulfill his covenant, but did make his promise in terms that Abram could understand. Apparently this way of cutting animals in two and passing lamps through them was a solemn way of covenant-making in the ANE.

As the sun went down Abram fell asleep and terror and darkness came upon him. I presume the terror was because the presence of the Lord drew near. The darkness would have removed any distraction from the voice of God.

God then proceeded to give Abram the details of the situation of the Hebrews in Egypt. They would be there for 400 years until God would judge Egypt for its cruelty and abuse of his people, and then he would bring Israel out of Egypt and back to the land where Abram now lived. This land would be given to them, but not before it was time.

The Canaanites, wicked as they were, had not reached the level of wickedness necessary yet. Necessary for what? For everyone to recognize the justice of God’s judgment. Sin must be allowed to run its full course in order to demonstrate its true nature. God is proving a point to the universe. When the direction of the Amorites would become unmistakable to all, then God could allow them to be destroyed without damage to his own character.

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